Partito Sakura

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Sakura, known also as Partito Sakura, was a middle-left party of the Republic of Luxe.

Fiori di ciliegio
PresidentFrancesca Hladun
ChairmanGiulia Benedetti
Membership3 (2019)
International affiliationPartito Democratico Forza Luxe
ColorsRosa e verde
Seggi Parlamento Luxese (upgrading)
0 / 10
0 / 10
Election symbol
Scritta su albero fiori di loto


The Sakura party gained prominence after Giulia Benedetti's victory in the Elezioni ministeriali 2018bis di Luxe, leading to several reforms on the republic's security. In the Parliamentary Elections Luxe 2019, however, the party faced a decline in support due to inactivity, securing only 1 seat with 2 candidates. Francesca Hladun assumed the seat after Benedetti left the position of prime minister during the Government Crisis of Luxe, citing time constraints.

Following Luca Mirante's victory for a second presidential term, party members protested against the election results by leaving the parliament, and the party was eventually abandoned. Subsequent polls indicated a lack of support for the party, with speculations that the founder's actions during the government crisis contributed to its downfall.