Kohlandian Armed Forces

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Kohlandian Armed Forces
Established 30 August 2019; 4 years ago (2019-08-30)
Country Kohlandia
Service Branches Kohlandian Army
Kohlandian Navy
Kohlandian Air Force
Kohlandian Space Force
Previous engagements None
Current engagements None
Commander in Chief HM Queen Catherine I[1]
General information
Headquarters Forces House, Dunhallow
Active personnel 2

The Kohlandian Armed Forces (KAF) are the four branches of the military of the Kingdom of Kohlandia. The original three branches were established on 20 August 2019 while the Space Force was inaugurated several months later, on 30 March 2020. Kohlandia's armed forces are primarily self-defensive, although they also collaborate with civilian and commercial entities for scientific research. KAF headquarters is based at Forces House in Dunhallow, the Kohlandian capital.

The Kohlandian military is headed by the The Crown as Commander in Chief, as per Article 10 of the Kohlandian Constitution.[1]

Kohlandian Army

The Kohlandian Army was the first branch of the Kohlandian Armed Forces to be established. Founded immediately upon the creation of Kohlandia, the Army was established solely for the defence of the Kingdom. The Army is composed of irregulars and maintains a wholly self-defensive posture.

Kohlandian Navy

The Kohlandian Navy was established immediately after the Kohlandian Army. Unlike the Army, the Navy is a self-defensive and research organisation which regularly undertakes joint missions with civilian and commercial entities. Kohlandia's Navy deploys vessels for exploratory, diplomatic and associated peaceful purposes on a regular basis.

Kohlandian Air Force

The Kohlandian Air Force was established immediately following the establishment of the Navy; and for similar purposes. The Air Force maintains a squadron of drones rather than passenger aircraft, and regularly conducts exploratory and research missions.

Kohlandian Space Force

The Kohlandian Space Force is a relatively new branch of the military and the only branch to be established through an Act of Parliament. Established on 30 March 2020 with the purpose of exploration and research, it is the only branch of the Armed Forces that does not have Kohlandian self-defence as its primary mission; although self-defence is still part of its overall goals.


Each branch of the Kohlandian Armed Forces has its own ensign, which is displayed during missions and at the headquarters in Dunhallow.


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