Kohlandian Constitution

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Constitution of the Kingdom of Kohlandia

Created 30 August 2019
Location Dunhallow, Kohlandia
Authors Catherine I
Purpose Foundation of Kohlandia and Kohlandian law

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Kohlandia is the foundational document establishing the Kingdom of Kohlandia. It was ratified by referendum on 4 November 2019.[1]

The Kohlandian Constitution establishes the Kohlandian Monarchy; lays out the role of the Courts; establishes the Kohlandian Parliament; and defines the rights of Kohlandian citizens, amongst other matters. It is a lengthy document and also the most important piece of legislation in the kingdom.

Kohlandia Constitution Referendum

Results of the Kohlandian Referendum on the Constitution
Results of the Kohlandian Referendum on the Constitution

On the 25th of October, HM Queen Catherine I and the Privy Parliament released a draft constitution for public consultation. The constitution "...is 10 pages long, contains 45 Articles and details the rights and duties of all Citizens within the Kingdom; as well as the duties of the Kingdom to its Citizens".[2]

The Privy Parliament put the draft constitution to a full referendum, to determine whether to adopt the draft as the Kohlandian Constitution, or to re-draft it again. The Referendum ended at 12:01PM on Monday 4 November 2019,[2] with a 100% turnout recorded for the vote. 80% of citizens voted to accept the constitution; which became law as a result of the referendum at 1PM on 4 November 2019.[1]

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