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Nickname(s): The Rectangle
Motto: In quantalibet parvitate, virtus
(Latin: "In smallness, power")
Country Kohlandia
Founded 30 August 2019
 - Representative HM Queen Catherine
 - Mayor HM Queen Consort Jennifer
 - Landed Noble HM Queen Catherine
 - Police Inspector HM Queen Consort Jennifer
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Population (30 August 2019)
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Demonym Dunhallowian
Time zone UTC
 - Summer (DST) None (UTC+0)

Dunhallow is the capital city of the Kingdom of Kohlandia, the seat of Government, and official city of residence of the Kohlandian Crown. Dunhallow is situated in the Cappanuke Region,[1] an area of high historical and cultural significance to Kohlandia. Dunhallow is founded on the place where Queen Catherine declared Kohlandian independence from the United Kingdom.


The name "Dunhallow" comes from the Old English words "dun", meaning a kind of fort, and "hālig", meaning "venerated". The name is generally regarded by Dunhallowians as meaning "the venerable fort". An alternate explanation of the name comes from old records referring to the area as "the brown keep", given the colour of the oldest known building on the site.


The area surrounding Dunhallow has a long and chequered history with records going back to the 13th Century, and some Roman ruins demonstrating that the area has been settled since the Bronze Age. The city is situated close to the site where Samuel Crompton invented the Spinning Mule and began the English Industrial Revolution.[1]

Prior to Kohlandian independence, the area that is now Dunhallow was part of the ancient Eccles parish; then part of the Hundred of Salford, the civil parish of Bolton le Moors, then finally part of Bolton Borough. Since Kohlandia declared independence from the United Kingdom, Dunhallow has become part of the Duchy of Cappanuke.

Dunhallow was founded on 30 August 2019 by Queen Catherine, in her first act as Monarch of Kohlandia following the declaration of independence.[1]


Dunhallow is the most culturally vibrant area of Kohlandia, being home to the majority of Kohlandian media. Art, film and television play a large part of life in Dunhallow; and free artistic expression is encouraged. The city plays host to large retro gaming and model railway scenes and also broadcasts live Internet television twice a week; discussing both of these topics.


The city's current representative for administrative matters is Queen Catherine; although the extent to which a city requires a designated representative in the Kohlandian political system is somewhat debatable. Her Majesty, The Queen also acts as the chief of police for the city, when such a role is required. The City Mayor is Queen Consort Jennifer, who was elected by the citizens of Dunhallow on 31 August 2019. Dunhallow is part of the Duchy of Cappanuke, which is jointly administered by Queen Catherine and Queen Consort Jennifer.


Due to the current small size of the city, Dunhallow has only one locality; which is known locally as The Rectangle. This is the area where the city's primary commercial enterprises are situated; including the host servers for all Kohlandian media. The regular live web broadcasts from Kohlandia originate in The Rectangle.


Dunhallow has no transport links of its own and Dunhallowian citizens tend to cross the border into England in order to use local English transport links where necessary. The city is situated 0.5 miles from Hall i' th' Wood train station and 1.2 miles from Bolton train station.


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