Kohlandian Royal Family

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Royal Family of Kohlandia
Coat of Arms of the Kohlandian Royal Family

The House of Robinson, more commonly known as the Kohlandian Royal Family, is a branch of the nobility of Kohlandia, a nation landlocked in Great Britain. The head of the Royal Family is His Majesty King Emeritus Philip, while the Head of State is Her Majesty Queen Catherine the First. The heir apparent is HM Queen Catherine's sister, Crown Princess Elizabeth.


The Royal line was established on 30 August 2019 by the signing of the Royal Declaration by Queen Catherine the First. This document established the new nation of Kohlandia as a monarchy with Catherine I as its head of state, and also listed the law of succession for the monarchy. The royal line was later further codified into Kohlandian law through the signing of the Kohlandian Constitution; which entrenches the Crown as the Head of State.

Line of Succession

Under Kohlandian law, the Crown passes to the heir apparent via absolute primogeniture upon the death or abdication of the Monarch. Under this law, the Crown will therefore pass to Crown Princess Elizabeth upon the death or abdication of HM Queen Catherine I; as the current Queen has no children.

In the unlikely event that HRH Princess Elizabeth and her children refuse the Crown or have passed away before HM the Queen, Kohlandian law allows for the Crown to pass back up the family line to King Emeritus Philip or his wife, Queen Emeritus Ann; although this is unlikely to happen.

  • HM King Emeritus Philip, Queen's Father, Grand Duke of Kohlandia

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