Kohlandian Territory

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The Kingdom of Kohlandia occupies a rectangle of territory with a footprint of approximately nine square metres, known as Cappanuke or the Cappanuke Region. This urbanised area is the location of Kohlandia's capital city, Dunhallow. Cappanuke borders both Jennytopia and the United Kingdom, as well as Gardinia.

Gardinia is the main agricultural and semi-industrial region of Kohlandia. The region was subject to a territorial dispute with the Empire of Jennytopia prior to the signing of a treaty that agreed to share joint control over Gardinia between Jennytopia and Kohlandia. Gardinia is home to the dry dock of the joint Kohlandia-Jennytopia Naval fleet, as well as the home base of the Kohlandian Air Force.


The following is a list of territories situated within, or controlled by, the Kingdom of Kohlandia.

Name Founded Land Type Governed by
 Cappanuke 30 August 2019 Urban  Kingdom of Kohlandia
 Gardinia 31 August 2019 Agricultural and industrial Joint control by Kohlandia and Jennytopia