National Library of Kohlandia

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The National Library of Kohlandia (known within Kohlandia simply as The National Library) is the central library in Kohlandia, as well as an archive for a books, newsletters, magazines and music. The gallery is open to the public, by appointment.

The National Library is a separate entity to the National Gallery, which houses the Kohlandian art; portrait; film; video game; and numismatic archives.

Book and Magazine Collection

The Kohlandian book collection is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects, both fact and fiction. No current cataloguing is ongoing, although a catalogue is scheduled for 2021. At the last count, in 2019, the library's total number of books stood at slightly below 1000. The magazine collection total is significantly smaller.

Notable pieces held in the library include Discworld fan newsletters with cover art by former Discworld artist Josh Kirby; pre-release copies of novels by HM Queen Catherine I and Empress Jennifer of Jennytopia; plus several signed copies of novels by various authors.

Music Collection

The Kohlandian music collection is extensive and covers a variety of media, including: vinyl, NAB cartridge, cassette, CD, MP3 and DVD. The precise number of items in the collection is unknown at present as cataloguing is still ongoing but it is known to measure in the thousands.

Notable pieces held in the library include rare tracks from Coldplay and Oasis; many pre-release promotional tracks; pre-answered interview tracks for radio presenters to create band interviews; and late 1990s station idents from Purple Radio, the student radio station at the University of Durham.