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Cappanuke Region
—  Total  —

Country Flag of Kohlandia.jpg Kohlandia
Founded 30 August 2019
 - Representative HM Queen Catherine
 - Mayor HM Queen Consort Jennifer
 - Landed Noble HM Queen Catherine
 - Police Inspector HM Queen Consort Jennifer
 - Total 3.579e-5 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Water 0 km2 (0 sq mi)  0%
 - Urban 3.579e-5 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 112 m (367.454 ft)
Population (30 August 2019)
 - Total 3
Time zone UTC
 - Summer (DST) None (UTC+0)

The Cappanuke Region is an area of totally urban land in Kohlandia. It is notable for being the main seat of the Kohlandian Royal Family; and also for being the area where the capital city, Dunhallow, is located. The Cappanuke Region measures 35.79 square metres; of which 9 square metres is Dunhallow.

Cappanuke is home to the Kohlandian National Art Gallery, a collection of paintings, photographs and other artworks of significance to the Kohlandian people. The paintings are mainly of vehicles such as locomotives or ships and most are originals; while the photographs are mostly portraits, although a number of landscapes are also included. The purpose of the photographs in the gallery are to document the history of Kohlandia.