European Union Non-Membership Act 2019

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European Union Non-Membership Act 2019

Location Dunhallow, Kohlandia
Authors Privy Parliament
Signers Catherine I
Purpose Assuring Kohlandia's lack of claim to EU membership

The European Union Non-Membership Act 2019 is a founding Act of the Kohlandian legal system passed by the Privy Parliament. The Act establishes that although Kohlandia sees itself as a successor state to the United Kingdom in respect to the land it controls, it does not lay any claim to the UK's membership, or lack thereof, within the European Union ("the EU").

The Non-Membership Act was deemed important by the Privy Parliament due to the UK's status at the time as a departing member of the EU. At the time, nationalists in Scotland were claiming that if Scotland were to become independent before the UK left the EU, they could fast-track Scotland's membership of the EU due to its status as a successor state. Given Kohlandia's existence is due in part to issues surrounding the UK's relationship to the EU, it was therefore decided that the best course of action would be to establish in law that Kohlandia holds no such claim to membership via its status as a successor state.