Privy Parliament (Kohlandia)

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Privy Parliament of the
Kingdom of Kohlandia
Coat of arms or logo
HousesCitizens' House
HM Queen Catherine I
since 01 September 2019 - 04 November 2019
SeatsQueen Catherine I's most trusted advisors
Succeeded by the Full Parliament of Kohlandia

The Privy Parliament, also known as the Small Parliament, was a legislative entity within the Kingdom of Kohlandia established by HM Queen Catherine I to draft the Kohlandian Constitution and other legislation as deemed necessary for the establishment of a working legal, judicial and social system within the kingdom. The Privy Parliament completed their objectives on 25 October 2019 and put the Constitution to a public vote.[1]

When polling closed on the Constitutional referendum, 80% of the vote was in favour of accepting the Constitution as drafted. The Privy Parliament was therefore dissolved at 1PM on 4 November 2019, with the full Parliament of Kohlandia taking its place.[2]


The Privy Parliament was established by Catherine I on 1 September 2019, two days after Kohlandia was founded. Its purpose was to gather HM the Queen's most trusted advisors together in order to draft the Constitution of the new Kingdom; as well as to assess what legislation is necessary to allow the country to function. That legislation will then be sorted into "essential", "necessary", and "potential" categories.

The Privy Parliament was tasked with the job of drafting necessary and essential legislation only, with the top-tier legislation in both categories being a priority. Legislation identified by the Privy Parliament but not drafted became an "indicated priority" for the first legislative timetable of the full Kohlandian Parliament following the dissolution of the Privy Parliament on 4 November 2019.

Acts of the Privy Parliament

In addition to the Constitution, the Privy Parliament identified a number of areas of law deemed necessary for the establishment of a proper Kohlandian legal system, plus one of cultural importance for the new kingdom. It therefore passed the following Bills, which received Royal Assent.


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