Establishment of Legislation Act 2019

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Establishment of Legislation Act 2019

Location Dunhallow, Kohlandia
Authors Privy Parliament
Signers Catherine I
Purpose Establishment of the Kohlandian legal system

The Establishment of Legislation Act 2019, also known as the Establishment Act 2019, is a founding Act of the Kohlandian legal system. Passed by the Privy Parliament, the Act creates the groundwork from which all of Kohlandian Law can be developed. It does this by establishing Kohlandia as a successor to the United Kingdom; with all UK legislation as it stood on 30 August 2019 being absorbed into Kohlandian Law.

The Establishment Act 2019 includes a number of exceptions to the wholesale adoption of UK law, which are covered (or were planned to be covered) in later legislation. These include: