Prime Minister of Kohlandia

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Prime Minister of the
Kingdom of Kohlandia
Crown Princess Elizabeth[1]

since 1 December 2019; 4 years ago (2019-12-01)
StyleThe Right Honourable
Formation30 August 2019

The Prime Minister of Kohlandia is an elected Head of Government for the Kingdom of Kohlandia. The Prime Minister is the highest official in the Executive Branch of the Kohlandian Government and as such, the holder of the office is empowered to form a Cabinet; introduce a legislative agenda to the Parliament; enter into diplomatic relations with foreign officials; and undertake many other functions. The Prime Minister also liaises with the Speaker of the House in order to set the Parliamentary timetable each year.

Constitutional Role

The role of the Prime Minister is pivotal to the Constitution, as the office is a central point of the Kohlandian Government and second only to The Crown in the political hierarchy. The Prime Minister is the Head of Government; the highest diplomat in the land outside of the Crown; the first citizen of the nation; the chief administrator of the Executive Branch; the First Lord of the Treasury; and many other roles, all combined into one person. Without a Prime Minister, the Executive would not function.


The Prime Minister is elected for a five-year term, under the Kohlandian Constitution.[2] All adult Kohlandian citizens who are not barred due to sanction (such as for a criminal act) or barred due to office (such as serving members of the Judiciary) are eligible to stand for election as Prime Minister.

Prime Ministers may serve for a maximum period of three terms, which need not be consecutive, after which they are barred from standing for the office again due to term limit.

List of Prime Ministers

The current Prime Minister is Crown Princess Elizabeth, who was elected to the position in the first General Election held in Kohlandia. The Prime Minister received 60% of the vote during the election, which was held on 1 December 2019.[1]

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