Krishna Kler

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krishna is the founder of Lathinie and has a high profile in the MUE. he is the most active millitary leader, sometimes so much it can occasionaly get him in trouble with President King of the MUE.

krishna kler
Prime minister of lathinie
L.P.F head
Successor Sir. H pearce
Personal information
Born 9-5-06
st peters/ chertsey
Citizenship Lathanian
Nationality British
Ethnicity Asian
Political party DPPL
Other political
Residence Surrey
Home town sheerwater
Occupation Prime minister of lathinie
Profession Student
Cabinet 4th
Committees GLA
Religion orthodox christianity
Military service
Allegiance M.U.E
Service/branch 1st
In service 1
Rank Q-10
Unit 1ST DIV G-L-A-W (great lathanian angels wings)
Commands 2-48
Battles/wars 4
Awards 3


Krishna is a mastermind of weponary stealth and tactical planning. He has developed

<SATISH-1B-27-3-57-BATA>. thermo 4 stage mini rocket. 129m/s

<trovanuski NOVADIDOS> crude mini rocket 4 stage potassium oxide 134 m/s

he has won two wars and has a good reputation in foreign micronations.

Notable awards


  • lathinie.jpg 4/9/10 Highest order of Lathinie

Noble Titles

  • lathinie.jpg22/4/19 Q-10 SOLDIER
  • lathinie.jpg 28/2/19 ROYAL FAMILY OF LATHINIE