Seabourgian Commonwealth

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Seabourgian Commonwealth
  • Spanish:Mancommunidad de Seabourg
Coat of arms
Largest cityValencia
Official languagesEnglish, Spanish
Demonym(s)Seabourgian (en), Seabourgano/-na (es)
GovernmentSemi-presidential system
Sean Dunkerque
Arden Victoria
LegislatureSeabourgian State Assembly
Establishment7 January 2021
• (2021) census
19 Citizens, 4 Residents
Very High
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CurrencySeabourgian Lira (₺, SBL)
Time zoneEST
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w:United States of America
Valencian Republic

The Seabourgian Commonwealth was a micronation located in Central Florida. It controls 1 small piece of land, which consist of the capital, Valencia, and some surrounding territories. It was declared on 7 January 2021. It has a population of 4 (Not counting citizens living abroad). It is governed by Chancellor Sean Dunkerque.


Elections in Seabourg can happen on any of 6 months. February (State Assembly elections), April (Cancellarial elections), May (State Assembly elections), August (State Assembly elections), October (Cancellarial and Council elections), or November (State Assembly elections).

Elections can happen on either the first or third Sunday of a month, depending on what type of election it is (State Assembly of the first Sunday, Executive and Council elections on the third Sunday).


Seabourg's Autonomies are the devolved, regional governments of Seabourg. Seabourg's devolution system is asymmetric, with different devolved bodies having differing levels of autonomy.

Autonomy Prefecture Leader Type
Valencia Valencia Vacant Community