President of Valencia

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President of the Valencian Republic
Liam Akins

since 8 May 2021
StyleTheir Excellency
AppointerThe Valencian Chamber of Deputies
as through election
Term length10 months, renewable
Inaugural holderJames Mark

The President of Valencia, officially denoted as President of the Valencian Republic is the head of state of Valencia. In that role, the officeholder represents national unity, guarantees that Valencian politics comply with the Constitution of Valencia, and appoints the Prime Minister. The president's term of office lasts for ten months. The current holder is Liam Akins, who gained the Presidency after James Mark was removed only 19 days into his term for lack of activity.

List of Presidents

# President Term in Office Election
Took office Left office Time in office
1   James Mark
19 April 2021 8 May 2021 19 days 2021
2   Liam Akins[1]
8 May 2021 Incumbent 945 days


  1. Serving as acting President after the removal of James Mark.