Seabourgian Council of State

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Council of State
CountrySeabourgian Commonwealth
Composition methodConstitutional authority
Authorized byConstitution of Seabourg
Judge term length1 year
Number of positions3 (One elected, One appointed by the Chancellor, and one from a list of former Chancellor of Seabourg)
President of the Council of State
CurrentlyBenjamin Pickles
Since24 January, 2021

The Seabourgian Council of State is the highest constitutional authority in the Seabourgian Commonwealth. It is given the supreme authority to do a priori constitutional reviews of laws that have been approved by the Seabourgian State Assembly, but not yet signed by the Chancellor of Seabourg. This model was derived from the French Constitutional Council, and was also present in Seabourg's predecessor.

Members and Composition

The Council of State is composed of three members. One (Tribunal Councillor) is elected by the citizens of Seabourg on the 3rd October of every year (along with the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor). The election uses ballotage, and a second round may happen on the 1st Sunday of November if necessary. The Tribunal Councillor takes their seat on the Sunday after the election results have been certified by the National Electoral Commission. Another (Aulic Councillor) is appointed by the Chancellor, and takes their seat on the 3rd Sunday of June. The final councillor (Executive) Councillor) comes from a list of former Chancellors, which switches every year. The Executive Councillor takes their seat on the 3rd Sunday of February.