Landashir'n Identity Card

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Landashir'n Identity Card
caption = The photo side of the Landashir'n Identity Card
The photo side of the Landashir'n Identity Card
caption2 = The back of the Landashir'n Identity Card with Machine Readable Code
The back of the Landashir'n Identity Card with Machine Readable Code
TypeIdentity card
Issued by Landashir
First issuedJune 2014
Valid in Landashir
EligibilityLandashir'n citizenship
ExpirationOn the birthday of the holder, 6 years after issue

The Landashir'n Identity Card (Francillish: Identificatiounscart) is the Landashir'n national identity card. It is a laminated card of two sides, which detail the name and surnames of the holder, date of birth, sex, photograph and the holder's identification number consisting of 10-11 digits. This number is reserved for internal administrative purposes.

The identity card is official proof of identification in Landashir and is intended for use when crossing borders. As passports are no longer issued in the country, the identity card is the only form of I.D. available to Landashir'n citizens. These cards are produced and regulated by the Landashir'n Government.

In order to apply for the card, one must be a Landashir'n citizen. For the purposes of security, cards become invalid 6 years following the date of issue on the holder's birthday. The identity card is an initiative of the government to provide citizens with national proof of identity - acceptance of the document within Landashir'n territory and at international borders is at the discretion of the receiving authority.

Physical appearance

The current ID card is a double-laminated 85 × 55 mm (business card size) card. All the information on it is given predominantly in English and French, with some information in Francillish.

Front side

The front side shows the words "COMMUNITY OF LANDASHIR / COMMUN VUS LONDELAND" and "IDENTITY CARD / CARTE D'IDENTITE / IDENTIFICATIOUNSCART" with the coat of arms, flag and government emblem of the Community of Landashir. Additionally, other translations of "Landashir" are printed in small type at the top of the front side.

This side contains the following information:

  • Photo of ID card holder
  • Personal identification number (10-11 alphanumeric digits)
  • Maxicode QR code including additional verifying information
  • Name
    • Surname
    • Given names
  • Date of birth (
  • Sex (biological sex)

Back side

The back side contains the following information:

Machine-readable zone

The three-line machine-readable zone on the back side contains the following information:

First line

positions text meaning
1-2 ID identity document
3-5 LND issuing country: Landashir (Landashir)
6-14 alphanumeric digits document number
15 decimal digit check digit

Second line

positions text meaning
1-6 decimal digits date of birth (YYMMDD)
7 decimal digit check digit
8 alphabetic digit sex of holder (M (male), F (female), X (intersex/indistinguishable))
9-14 decimal digits date of expiry (YYMMDD)
15 decimal digit check digit
16-18 LND nationality of holder: Landashir'n (Landashir)
30 decimal digit check digit

Third line

positions text meaning
1-30 alphabetic digits<<alphabetic digits<alphabetic digits SURNAME<<GIVEN<NAMES

Empty spaces are represented by "<".

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