Vizier of Rushymia

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Vizier of Rushymia

since 31 October 2017
Inaugural holderFerengool
FormationDecember 1997

The Vizier of Rushymia was, under King Alex the Great, the King's second-in-command in running Rushymia, a sort of Prime Minister. The Vizier was the leader of the Governors of Rushymia, local elected leaders, and also served as a regent when the King was away. The title was nominally held ex officio by the Prime Minister of Austenasia from April 2012 to October 2017.

In December 1997, King Alex appointed Ferengool the first Vizier, who served until he left the school in July 1999. After the summer holidays were over, the former King Billy was appointed Vizier in September. Some concern was expressed about Alex placing his former enemy in a position of power, but there are no records of any sort of rebellion, and it is presumed that Billy faithfully performed his duties, loyal to Alex, until they both left the school in July 2000. As after Alex there was now no King, no Vizier could be appointed and the office became vacant.

This lasted until October 2010, when Esmond III, the Emperor of Austenasia, became the new titular King of Rushymia. He bestowed the nominal title on James von Puchow of Landashir as a sign of national friendship, although as there was no longer a Rushymian government it no longer retained any power. The title was unified with the office of Austenasian Prime Minister on 13 April 2012, becoming the only Rushymian title since the fall of Rushymia in September 2000 to be (albeit indirectly) electable. On 31 October 2017, the Parliament of Austenasia divorced the title of Vizier from that of Prime Minister in preparation for a re-establishment of Rushymia as a territorial entity.

List of Viziers

Name Vizier from Vizier to Notes
Ferengool December 1997 July 1999
Vacant July 1999 September 1999 1999 Summer Holidays
Billy of Rushymia September 1999 July 2000
Vacant July 2000 21 October 2010 Title could only be bestowed by the King of Rushymia.
Dr. Sir James von Puchow, OSP, OBS, KOSE, KOR 21 October 2010 13 April 2012 Title nominal. Bestowed by Esmond III after he became the new King of Rushymia as a sign of informal national friendship between Austenasia and Landashir.
HIH Crown Prince Jonathan 13 April 2012 20 January 2013 Title nominal. Gained position after it was unified with the office of Prime Minister of Austenasia.
Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria 20 January 2013 19 November 2013 Title nominal, gained position by becoming Acting Prime Minister of Austenasia.
HIH Eritoshi, Countess of Memphis 19 November 2013 4 March 2015 Title nominal, gained position by being elected Prime Minister of Austenasia.
HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia 4 March 2015 31 October 2017 Title nominal, gained position by being elected Prime Minister of Austenasia. Lost position upon the passage of the Rushymia Act 2017, in preparation for Rushymia being restored as a territorial entity.