Girly Gang

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The Girly Gang was a large group of girls formerly of the Skipping Rope Gang which was forced from their lands in the Upper Playground by a gang of Yr. 5s in May 2003. Led by a girl named Billy-Ann and migrating north-east across the Playground in the footsteps of the Push Bench Gang, the Girly Gang attemped to settle in the Lower Playground and Rebel Side, putting them into conflict with the Word Life Gang. The Girly Gang then also attacked the Midget Base, resulting in a declaration of war from the Midget Master.

The Midget Empire and Word Life Gang's war against the Girly Gang became known as the First Boys vs Girls War, even though there were some girls in the Midget Army and the Girly Gang was sometimes helped by some small groups of boys. The war lasted roughly a year before the final battle. This took place at the Grove Park in what is now Copan during a school trip where everyone had stopped for lunch on 15 March 2004. The Word Life Gang attacked the Girly Gang, but were driven back. The Midget Army helped the Word Life Gang and defeated the Girly Gang with an attack plan from Commander Jonathan. The defeated Girly Gang joined with the Skipping Rope Gang and left their territory to be shared between the victorious Midget Empire and Word Life Gang.