Disciples of Ferengool

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Disciples of Ferengool

The Disciples of Ferengool were a group of "elite" Ferengoolan Vapourists comprising a group founded by Warlord Ferengool of Rushymia.

The first known appearance of the Disciples was in September 1997 (although they were probably founded a few months earlier), when they accompanied Ferengool to the Quiet Area to offer General Billy a coronation in return for the cessation of persecution against Vapourists. Although this deal was made, the newly crowned King arrested Ferengool and attempted to enforce his own (Quietarian) Vapourist beliefs upon the Playground. It is unknown whether the Disciples were forced into hiding, allowed to continue spreading Ferengool's beliefs, or even arrested along with Ferengool. After the rise to power of Alex the Great in December, Ferengool was released, and it is assumed that a policy of toleration to all branches of Vapourism was followed.

The next time that the Disciples appear in history was in September 2000. After King Alex had left the school, Rushymia had no King - the Disciples gathered the Governors from each province and formed a Rushymian Parliament which exercised the royal powers under their direction, forming a form of federative parliamentary oligarchy. This system of government did not last for more than two or three weeks, let alone until a new King was found, and by the end of the month Rushymia had fallen.

A period of chaos and war followed the fall of Rushymia. By the time that the Midgets entered the Playground in September 2002, these wars had mostly stopped, but the various groups of the Playground had now divided into fully independent gangs, and any concept of central governance was completely alien to the younger years. In October 2003, two Disciples in Yr. 6 (it can be deduced from the dates that these Disciples were not part of the original group founded by Ferengool, but as they would have been in Yr. 3 when the Rushymian Parliament was established, they would have been recruited by Disciples who would have known him) approached Midget Master Daniel (I) and informed him of King Alex's Bottle - the first person able to retrieve a bottle which King Alex had lodged high in a fence would become the next King of Rushymia. This led to the ultimately unsuccessful Invasion of the Quiet Area, which Daniel ordered so as to gain access to the fence.

The last known appearance of the Disciples in history was when, in June 2005, some Yr. 6 Disciples confirmed the claim of Midget Master Jonathan (II) to the dormant Rushymian titles of Warlord of the Playground, Defender of Nibiru, and Theocrat of Atkantia. It is most likely that these were the last of the Disciples, leaving the school in late July of that year, although there is a slight chance that the group secretly continued.