Word Life Gang

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The Word Life Gang was a gang of mostly boys, which were active between the years April 2003 and March 2004. For most of their existence they were allied with the Midget Empire and at war with the Girly Gang.

After the Midget Civil War, some of the defeated New And Improved Midgets regrouped under their commander, Mitchell, with the intent of attacking the Midget Empire. However, Mitchell was overthrown by an officer under his command, Jack, who recruited new members and transformed the remnants of the New And Improved Midgets into a new gang, which he named the Word Life Gang. The new gang initially had no territory, and so in the Battle of the Push Bench Gang worked with the Midgets to drive the Push Bench Gang out of the Rebel Side, half of which the Word Life Gang then settled in.

The following month, the Word Life Gang came under attack from the Girly Gang. They occupied part of the Lower Playground and Rebel Side, starting the First Boys vs Girls War. The World Life Gang were helped by the Midgets to fight the Girly Gang, with the allies finally emerging victorious after the First Battle of the Grove in March 2004. The Girly Gang ceded a large part of their territory to the Word Life Gang, but the Word Life Gang disbanded soon after their victory, joining the Midget Army and Footballers.