Invader Attacks

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Invader Attacks
DateSeptember 2002 - July 2004
The Midget Base
  • Successful repulsion of Invaders by the Midget Army
  • Confirmation of Midget Base as national capital
  • Adoption of militarist ideology by the Midgets

 • Midget Empire  • New And Improved Midgets

 • Word Life Gang
 • Invaders
Commanders and leaders

 • Midget Master Daniel (I)  • "Midget Master" Charlie

 • Jack of the Word Life Gang
 • Leo

The Invader Attacks were attacks by a group of girls known as the Invaders on the Midget Base during the first two years of the Midget Empire. According to the Invaders' leader, known as Leo, they had inhabited the land occupied by the Midget Army before the Midgets had entered the Playground in September 2002. However, because the Invaders used violence to attempt to force out the Midgets, Midget Master Daniel forbade negotiation or compromise. Constantly having to be ready to engage in combat with the Invaders is thought to have been the main reason for the Midget Empire's strong militarism.

The Invaders would attack without warning, in a drawn out war that lasted nearly two years. The Midget Army would fight back using sand from the ground of the Midget Base, driving the Invaders away, who would often retreat to the Rebel Side (the New And Improved Midgets had to remove Invaders who were there when they fled to the Rebel Side after the beginning of the Midget Civil War). After April 2003, the Word Life Gang sometimes helped the Midget Army to repel attacks by the Invaders. By July 2004, the Invaders had given up after constant defeat by the Midget Army, and Midget Master Daniel declared victory.