Quiet Area

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Quiet Area
The Quiet Area, July 2006

Languages spoken English

Area ~1450 feet2

July 2006 ~30
Present-day Unknown

Rushymia|Capital of Rushymia October 1995
1st Independence September 2000
Midget Protectorate April 2006
2nd Independence c. 2007

The Quiet Area is the former capital of Rushymia, and the former brief de facto capital of the Midget Empire. Its position overlooking the rest of the Playground and the fact that it is surrounded by walls made it a valuable area to control. It served as the centre of the administration of the Playground from October 1995 - September 2000, and then again from April - September 2006.



It is unknown how the Quiet Area got its name, but it was definitely known by that name by December 2001, and probably since the start of the school in the 1990s. In October 1995, General James raised an army and won a great victory over a group of bullies who had been terrorising the pupils of the school. His second-in-command, Ferengool overthrew James later that month, and sent out the army to subdue the rest of the Playground. Using the Quiet Area as his base due to its defensive position, by doing this Ferengool in effect founded Rushymia, with the Quiet Area as its capital.

The Quiet Area functioned as the seat of government of Rushymia, where Ferengool and his court resided. It continued to act as the capital of Rushymia under the next two rulers of Rushymia, King Billy and King Alex. There was notably a small rebellion by the inhabitants of the Quiet Area against Alex's rule at the start of his reign in December 1997, when rumours spread that he would transfer the capital of Rushymia to the Football Pitch - he did not do so and the rebellion was easily crushed, but this appears to be the first instance of the inhabitants of the Quiet Area displaying the jealousy and pride for their pre-eminence in the Playground that they would be later infamous for.

After the reign of King Alex, Rushymia was left without a leader. The Disciples of Ferengool organised a Parliament to keep order in the Playground, which was based in the Quiet Area, but this lasted only a few weeks before collapsing in September 2000. In the numerous wars that caused and followed the break-up of Rushymia, it is presumed that the Quiet Area survived relatively unscathed - by the time that the Midgets entered the Playground in September 2002, the Quiet Area and the Football Pitch were the only two Rushymian provinces which had retained that status in any shape or form. It was during this time that the Quietarians as they were known to the Midgets became a proper self-identifying group of people.

Midget Empire

During 2002-2006, when the Midget Empire expanded and gradually took over the old territories of Rushymia, the Quiet Area was the only area of the Playground which did not either lose its territories or expand into others. In October 2003, Commander Jonathan of the Midget Army led a Midget force to help a Word Life Gang-led Invasion of the Quiet Area, but after initial success this was eventually repulsed by Yr. 6 allies of the Quietarians.

In April 2006, the Midget Empire came under a huge attack from a group calling themselves the Midget Hunters. The resultant war came very close to destroying the whole Midget Empire. Midget Master Jonathan (II) asked the Quietarians for help, and they agreed to send a force to fight alongside the Midget Army on the condition that the Midget Empire agree to protect them against any and all future enemies. This they did so, and for the first time in many years a Quietarian army was fielded, and along with the Midget Army successfully defeated the Midget Hunters.

The Quiet Area was made a protectorate of the Midget Empire later that month, and Midget Master Jonathan sent a force of Midget Army troops to act as a garrison. A rebellion soon broke out however - the Quietarians threw rocks and sticks at the heads of the Midget Army soldiers, and so the Midget Master ordered them to tie their school jumpers around their heads to act as helmets. This tactic was successful, as by the time that Commander Thomas had arrived with reinforcements and put down the rebellion, there had been no casualties.

The Quiet Area had now been taken over by force, and despite moving the Midget court there and making it capital of the Midget Empire in all but name, Midget Master Jonathan still allowed the Quietarians to govern themselves, and to say that the Quiet Area was only a protectorate of the Midget Empire.

Post-Midget Empire

In September 2006, when the school returned after the Summer Holidays with Caroline (III) as Midget Master, the Midget Empire quickly fell. Very little is known about this period of history, but it is known that the Quietarians were one of the groups to keep a Midget identity for the longest period of time, despite having no proper garrison and the rest of the Playground having reverted back to independence and relative anarchy.

In December 2009, the Midget Masters officially relinquished any sort of claim over the Quiet Area when the Midget Nation-in-Exile was founded, although any sort of (even self-proclaimed) Midget rule would probably have been only a distant memory by this point.


The Quiet Area was situated at the far west of the Playground. It was raised above the rest of the Playground, and had walls surrounding all but its entrance. Directly in front of its entrance was the Upper Playground, and the Quiet Area Pathway ran to the north of it. The Quiet Area was bordered to the south by a fence separating it from the Field, and to the west by a smaller fence separating it from an area of the school grounds which was off-limits to pupils during break and lunch time and so not part of the Playground.