Midget Hunters

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The Midget Hunters is the name which was assumed by a coalition of anti-Midget gangs which launched a huge attack on the Midget Army in April 2006 in the form of the War of the Midget Hunters. Due to their huge size and how close they came to defeating the Midgets, they are generally considered to have been the greatest (albeit the shortest-lived) of the enemies of the Midget Empire.

Comprised mainly of Yr. 4s and Yr. 5s, but also with some Yr. 3s, the Midget Hunters shared a common enemy in the Midget Empire due to its relentless expansion under Midget Master Jonathan (II). Led by a former member of the Skipping Rope Gang who had had her land conquered by the Midgets a few weeks before the War, it is unknown exactly how they organised themselves, but a mass attack was co-ordinated with enough competence to temporarily occupy the Midget Base and to force the Midgets to rely on Quietarian reinforcements to emerge victorious. The Midget Hunters disbanded after their defeat in their eponymous war, with most of them part of one of several gangs conquered by the Midgets in the War of the Upper Playground the following month.