Alex I of Rushymia

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King Alex of Rushymia, also known as Alex the Great or Alex I, was the last and longest reigning ruler of the original Kingdom of Rushymia, ruling as King between 1997 and 2000.

The first recorded mention of Alex is when, as a Captain of the Footballers, he took part in the coronation of King Billy in September 1997. The coronation ended with Billy arresting Ferengool and General James, the other two who had declared him King, in order to cement his absolute power. Alex, however, escaped to the Football Pitch.

A short time before the coronation, the Football Pitch had gained independence from Rushymia; it is unknown whether or not Alex was their leader during this, but it is certainly possible. King Billy found his popularity plummeting, and in December 1997 decided to reconquer the Football Pitch to prove to the Rushymians that he was still a capable leader. Alex led the defence of the Footballers, who defeated Billy's army and persuaded them to switch allegiance to Alex. The whole Playground then joined Alex, and marched against Billy, who was defeated and agreed to make Alex the next King.

Alex was crowned King the day after the battle, and after putting down a small rebellion in the Quiet Area began a reign of peace and prosperity. Alex conquered the Field in the name of Rushymia, and also sent a delegation to the Infants' Playground, which persuaded the leading Infants to swear an oath of allegiance to Alex.

When the time came for the reign of Rushymia's greatest leader to end, Alex made one of the very few selfish decisions that he made as King. He declared that he wanted his reign to last for as long as possible, until the very last moment that he walked out of the school gates. He would therefore be unable to physically crown his successor like Ferengool or Billy did, and so would have to leave behind something that could invest his successor with the regnum for him. He chose something that could not rebel against him or disobey his orders: a plastic bottle. This orange bottle had been regularly carried around by the King in a similar manner to a ceremonial mace. He placed it high up in the fence separating the Field and Quiet Area, and decreed that the next person to touch it with both hands would be his successor as King of Rushymia. This was achieved by Emperor Esmond III of Austenasia, over a decade later, on 17 October 2010, after which the title of King of Rushymia became joined to the Austenasian Throne.

It is unknown which secondary school Alex attended after he left Rushymia; differing traditions place him at Greenshaw High School, Overton Grange School, Carshalton Boys or Wilson's.

Titles and styles

  • 1988/89 - September 1996?: Alex
  • September 1996? - December 1997: Captain Alex of the Footballers
  • December 1997 - July 2000: King Alex I of Rushymia
  • July 2000 – Present?: Alex of Rushymia
Preceded by:
Longest ruled head of state of the Carshalton Nations
August 1999 - ~February 2009
Succeeded by:
Midget Master Caroline III
Alex I of Rushymia
Born: 1988/89
Rushymian titles
Preceded by
Billy of Rushymia
King of Rushymia
December 1997 - July 2000
Succeeded by
Title next held by HIM Emperor Esmond III
Preceded by
Billy of Rushymia
Warlord of the Playground
Defender of Nibiru
Theocrat of Atkantia

December 1997 - July 2000
Succeeded by
Titles next held by Midget Master Jonathan (II)