General of Rushymia

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General of Rushymia

since 31 October 2017
Inaugural holderGeneral James
FormationOctober 1995

The General of Rushymia was, under King Alex the Great, the overall leader of the Rushymian army, responsible for raising and maintaining an elite national army and subordinate only to the King, who appointed the General. The General was the commanding officer of the Commanders of Rushymia, military officers appointed by the King to defend each province of the Kingdom. From April 2012 to October 2017, it was nominally held ex officio by the Minister of Defence of Austenasia.

The title originated with General James, the first Rushymian leader, who in October 1995 raised an army of which he named himself General to fight some bullies; this army eventually founded the Rushymian nation. James' second-in-command, Ferengool, deposed James and named himself Warlord of the Playground, taking control of the army and becoming Rushymia's first real ruler.

Warlord was seen as outranking General, and in September 1996, Ferengool's second-in-command Billy was also appointed a General in Rushymia, with the responsibility of managing the day-to-day administration of the nation. When, in June 1997, Billy overthrew Ferengool, he kept his title of General and decreed that it did outrank Warlord after all. Billy was crowned King in September 1997, but kept the title of General as well until he was overthrown by Alex.

King Alex removed the title of General from Billy and restored General James (who had never officially lost the title) to power in the constitutional role mentioned above. After James left the school in July 1999, the position was given to an unknown Yr. 6 Commander after the summer holidays were over in September of that year. This new General left the school with King Alex in July 2000, and as there was no King, no General could be appointed.

This lasted until October 2010, when Emperor Esmond III of Austenasia became the new (albiet titular) King of Rushymia. He bestowed the nominal title on himself, although as there was no Rushymian army it was a purely ceremonial title. An Act of Parliament was passed during the reign of his successor, Declan I, which unified the title with the office of Austenasian Minister of Defence, and another Act passed by the succeeding Emperor, the incumbent Jonathan I, divorced the title of General from that of Minister of Defence in preparation for a re-establishment of Rushymia as a territorial entity.

List of Generals

Name General from General to Notes
General James October 1995 July 1999 Title held nominally from late October 1995 - December 1997.
Billy of Rushymia September 1996 December 1997
Vacant July 1999 September 1999 1999 Summer Holidays
Rushymian Yr. 6 September 1999 July 2000 Former Commander, name unknown.
Vacant July 2000 21 October 2010 Title could only be bestowed by the King of Rushymia - interregnum.
Esmond III/Ptolemy IV 21 October 2010 13 April 2012 The King of Rushymia bestowed the title upon himself. Title held nominally.
Lord Marshal William K., Baron of Zephyria 13 April 2012 4 March 2015 Title unified with the office of Austenasian Minister of Defence. Title nominal.
Lord Admiral Eren Lewis, Duke of Bernardston 4 March 2015 31 October 2017 Title nominal, gained position by being appointed Austenasian Minister of Defence. Lost position upon the passage of the Rushymia Act 2017, in preparation for Rushymia being restored as a territorial entity.