Royal Council of Koss

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Royal Council of Koss

Real Conselie den Koss

Conselho Real de Koss
Coat of arms or logo
Appointment by the Anax

The Royal Council of Koss, also known as Privy Board or Privy Council, is the formal advisory body of Koss, which is an absolute monarchy. The Council has limited powers in government, including the power to propose laws to the Anax, but it cannot pass or enforce laws, which is a power reserved for the Anax. All of the members are appointed by the Anax.


The Royal Council was originally founded as a cultural body. The Council has always had a great deal of influence. The Royal Council was considered the successor of the mythological Pantheon as the only members of the Council were representatives of the Divine Houses up until the reformation of Koss into a State.


Name Position Joined on Left on
Lucas Campos Anax of Koss 30 July 2015
Henry Twain former Minister of Commerce 29 September 2016 14 November 2016
J. Grant Winchester Special Advisor of the Ministry of Culture 29 September 2016
Eduardo da Vila First Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 7 December 2016
Richard Hytholoday Special Advisor of the Ministry of Culture 19 December 2016