Royal Order of Jaguar

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Royal Order of Jaguar
Ordem Real do Jaguar pt

The Medal
Awarded by Grand Duchy of Koss
CountryGrand Duchy of Koss
TypeChivalric order with four degrees
EligibilityAnyone who has contributed to the Kossian State or Micronational world
Awarded forCivilian merit
StatusCurrently constituted
EstablishedNovember 2011
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Royal Order of Bravia

The Royal Order of Jaguar (Portuguese: Ordem Real do Jaguar) is highest awards and decorations of the Grand Duchy of Koss. Established in November 2011 by the Grand Duke, Lucas Campos. The name "Jaguar" comes from one of the national and most common animals in the Grand Duchy. The Order seeks to encourage micronationalist to continue their good work. The Grand Master of the Order is the Grand Duke. Knights/Dames of the Order are entitled to append the prefix Sir/Dame. All other recipients of the Order are entitled to append the appropriate post-nominal letters to their names.


  • Grand Master (Grão-Mestre)
  • Grand Officer (Grão-Oficial)
  • Officer (Oficial)
  • Knight (Cavaleiro)