Council Minister of Koss

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Council Minister of of the Royal Council
Ministro do Conselho Real
Insignia of the Royal Council
Lucas Soares

since 18th March 2012
StyleMr. Council Minister
AppointerVote within the Royal Council
Inaugural holderIsabela Mello
Formation15th November 2011

The Council Minister of the Royal Council (in Portuguese: Ministro do Conselho Real) was the President or Chairman of the Royal Council. The Council Minister was elected at the beginning of a Council session immediately after an election or by appoitment of the Grand Duke. The only way that the Council Minister could be removed from his/her position was by Royal Decree, issued by the Grand Duke. The post was latly occupied by Lucas Soares. The inaugural holder was Princess Isabela Mello.

Powers and Functions

The Council Minister of the Royal Council, apart from being the presiding officer of the Royal Council whenever there was a joint-sitting, was also the chief representative and leader of the legislative branch in Koss. The Council Minister of the Royal Council was given many powers, aswell as responsabilities:

  • Guaranteing the democracy and fair proceeding of the Royal Council.
  • Ensuring all votes in the Royal Council are recorded.
  • Asking the Monarch to convoke an extraordinary session of the Royal Council.

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