Grand Duke of Koss

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Grand Duke of Koss
Former Monarchy
Last Monarch:
Lucas Campos

Heir apparent Isabela Mello
First monarch Lucas Campos
Last monarch Lucas Campos
Monarchy started April 2012
Monarchy ended June 2012

The Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Koss was the head of state of the Grand Duchy of Koss. The position of Grand Duke of Koss was an elected one and it was an year long term. The only Grand Duke was His Royal Highness Lucas Campos


The Grand Duke had the duties of conducting internal and external affairs. The Grand Duke of Koss had to swear the words of the monarch, which among other things, included:

  • Maintaining the Secular Religion in Koss
  • The indivisibility of the Grand Duchy
  • Enforcing the laws of the Kossian State
  • Promoting the good will of Koss


  • Nominatation of Judges, Ministers, Council Ministers, Royal Chancellor
  • Shut and re-open the Royal Council as he wishes
  • Deport people(With consent of the Royal Council)
  • Grant awards