Liberal Party (Koss)

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Liberal Party
Partido Liberal
Leader Lucas Campos
Founded 2011
Headquarters Domino
Ideology Liberalism and unitary state
Political position Center-right
International affiliation League of Capitalists
Official colors Yellow, green
Seats in Royal Council
3 / 5

The Liberal Party was a political party within the Grand Duchy of Koss. It was led by the Grand Duke of Koss, Lucas Campos.


The Party's policies included social welfare policies involving the rights of women and the gay community. Due to all but one territory of Koss being located in the city of Brasilia, the Party advocated an unitary state, a system where the Central Government should be the supreme authority and that the national monarchies should be subjected to it.

The Party, as the name sugests, also promoted liberalism, in which the government should give the highest amount of rights, social and political, to the People. Participatory democracy is also something that the party supported, as it believed that who wished to contribute should, but there is no need to oblige people.

Notable Members

Name Party Office Region Notes
Lucas Campos Leader Crasager Grand Duke of Koss
Luiza Portes Member Hortus Royal Chancellor of Koss
Lucas Soares Member Renu Council Minister of Koss