Austral Economical Union

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Austral Economical Union
The official flag of the Union
CurrencyAustral franc
Union typeMonetary Union
EstablishedFebruary 15th 2012
Political controlGrand Duchy of Koss
Issuing authorityRoyale
President of the RoyaleLucas Campos
Official LanguagesPortuguese
Recognised LanguagesEnglish

The Austral Economical Union (Portuguese: União Económica Austral), abbreviated UNECAUS, was an economic and monetary union created by two South American micronations and later joined by a Southeast Asian micronation, that have adopted the Austral franc (₣) as their common currency. The Union consisted of Koss and Los Bay Petros. Any micronation was encouraged join once they meet the criteria to do so. The UNECAUS was merged with the Union of South American Micronations in July 12, 2021, as accorded by the President of the Royale Lucas Campos in the session °1 of the South American Parliament.


The word Austral comes from latin and it means southern, the word is appropriate as only nations considered south (Oceania, South America, South of the Sahara and South Asia) can join the Union.

The Franc

The Austral franc was the official currency amongst the member state of the Union. It is currently pegged to .60 Hong Kong dollars, and it is printed by the Royale, and it is the USAM's responsibility.