Movement of Non-Aligned Micronations

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Movement of Non-Aligned Micronations
Headquarters: Not have. Temporarily, if it is a conference on that website or forum.
Official Languages: English
Membership: 6 member states
Establishment: 9 July 2009
Colours: White and olive green
Charter: Manifiesto of Non-Aligned micronations
Founder (de facto): Petrus Máximus I
General Secretary: Not have

The Movement of Non Aligned micronations is an organization created after the war between New Europe and Erusia, based on peace and political neutrality.


Its objectives, as explained in the manifesto, is not aligned with either side, displaying the message that peace and diplomacy is the only way to solve conflicts; remain neutral on this kind of conflict ; to help both parties to the conflict to achieve peace and harmony, and many more.


Although it has good relations with the founding state, the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia has boycotted the MNAM since it was founded in July 20090 as the result of that nation's war with the Empire of New Europe. It considers the institution to be "offensive" and "anti-Erusian". New Europe is believed to hold a similar stance towards the Movement, with both nations traditionally being opposed to the micronational Non-Aligned Movement.


It now has six members. However, we call upon all who wish to remain neutral micronations to register with this site, in the discussion section:

Non-member Observer states

Former Members

  • Kingdom of Finismund (Ceased to exist in 2009)