Liberalist's Federal Republic of Conzorica

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Federal Republics of Conzorica (English)
コソゾリカ連邦共和国 (Japanese)
Komarên Federal yên Konzorika(Kurdi)
جمهورية كولصويكا الاتحادية(Arabic)
Republik Persekutuan Conzorica(Malay)
Anthem: Fight for freedom
Largest cityFukuoka
Official languagesEnglish , and Other languages
GovernmentFederal parliamentary and Direct Democracy
LegislatureFederal Parliament of Conzorica
Establishment20 March 2014
(population may have different) census
CurrencyConzorican Dollar
Time zoneIpoh - GMT & UTC +7
Fukuoka - GMT & UTC +8
Erbil - GMT & UTC +3
Perth - GMT & UTC +3
San Francisco - GMT & UTC -7

The Federal Republics of Conzorica, also known as the Federation of Liberalist's Republic of Conzorica or Azorica, formerly known as The Liberalist's Federal Republic of Conzorica, is a free and federation state.


Conzorica's federal capital, Ipoh, has a rich tin mine in the Ipoh Basin, which became the world's largest tin mine and the most productive place more than a hundred years ago. Because of the geographical advantage, the typhoon attack was avoided. Also because of the mountain-building movement, there are many ancient faults here, and many hot springs are also one of the tourist attractions.

Conzorica has overseas territories and is located in eastern Asia, western North America, Oceania, and the Middle East, so Conzorica becomes a transcontinental country. Fukuoka is located in the western part of Japan's land and is threatened by earthquakes and typhoons. San Francisco faces a strong earthquake and mountain fire threat, but it is still a strategic place for the Pacific. The overseas territories of Erbil Autonomous Republic are in the desert, and there are still sporadic conflicts of religion and ethnicity and terrorist threats.

The total population of Conzorica is no more than 100, and the official national citizens are more than 20 people. The race includes Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, American, Kurd, Arab etc.


In 2008,one of the secret group with three people want to create an autonomous party group for experiment government. Until November 2013,transitional government has been established, by the legislature of autonomous renamed group---Party of liberal democracy. Finally in December 2013 ,conduct a referendum on independence voted by 5 registered voters.Final official result is 2 voted for, 1 voted against,and 2 abstained.

In 20 March 2014,the nation was independence and established as a freedom state. Until 2018 ,Population have been more that 50 peoples now ,the official national citizens are more than 20 people

2016 ,Conzorica has been given up the liberalism ideology ,focusing for international community and diplomatic relationship . Until 2017,Conzorica has accepted a few allegations from around the world, the power is expanding now .

2018 ,Conzorica launched its Vision 2020 to expand its diplomacy and raise the reputation of the federal state.

Administrative division

Federal subjects

  • Federal territory
-Ipoh city Federal Capital 
  • The 12 Shields Federal Cities
-GeorgeTown (Official)
-Erbil (Official)
-San Francisco (Official)
-Fukuoka (Official)
  • Unofficial 12 Shields Federal Cities
-Perth (Unofficial,At least from a loyalty)
-Glasgow (Unofficial,At least from a loyalty)
  • States & Republics
-Ipoh (Merger of Ipoh, East Ipoh and Simee)
-Chemor-Rambutan (Merger of Chemor & Tanjung Rambutan)
-Bercham Republic
-Ulu Kinta
-Sunway Republic
-Rapat Pulai (Merger of Gunung Rapat & Simpang Pulai)
-Bayang Lepas 
-Fukuoka Republic
-San Francisco Republic (Only a few territories)
  • Autonomous State
-Titiwangsa Autonomous State
  • Autonomous Republic
-Kurdish Autonomous Republic of Erbil
-Perth Autonomous Republic
  • Special Administrative Region
-Zhilintan S.A.R
  • Specially Designated Free State (Association State)
-Ghost Autonomous Republic of Kellie's Castle
  • Autonomous Krai
  • National Restricted Area / Exclusion Zone
-Bukit Merah Exclusion Zone (Nuclear waste pollution)
  • Federal Dependency (Withdrawal of sovereignty requirements, but reservations about Antarctic appeals)
-South Queen Maud land ( 20° west - 45° east and 85° south and 86° south )
-East Enderby land (55°25' East - 56°25' East and 70° South - 90° south )

Overseas Denpendencies


  • South Queen Maud Land
  • East Enderby Land

National Parks

National parks

  • Tempurung cave National park
  • Pangkor & Sembilan Island Marine park and Dark Sky Park

State Park

  • Gunung Lang Recreational Park

National Reserves

  • Pangkor Islands Heritage
  • Ipoh Old Town Historical Heritage Site
  • Tempurung cave National park

National Forest

Marine Park


Conzorica National Media Union

Ipoh Base

  • Conzorica Communit
  • National Broadcasting Federation Conzorica (NBFC)
  • Free World Media
  • IPH48
  • The World Geographic

Fukuoka Base

  • Akasa News(アカサ)
  • Neko Cat Media

Erbil Base

  • Al-Ishraq Media

International Recognition

Diplomatic Relations

Conzorica has resumed diplomatic relations since 2018.

  • Kingdom of Ourania - December 2018
  • Republic of Ultratania - January 2019
  • House of Homestead - February 2019

Former Diplomatic Relations

  • Republic of Saidiya ,Has cut tied in 2016.

Claimed recognition

  • Liberland (one of the officials claim)
  • Grand Duchy of Flandrensis

Countries Conzorica planned establish diplomatic relations in future

  • Principality of Sealand
  • Kingdom of Ladonia
  • Principality of Wy
  • Kingdom of North Sudan
  • Austenasia (Austenasia claimed didn't recognize ,current replace to this list)
  • Republic of Molossia
  • Republic of Liberland

Conzorica operations

Vision 2020

  • Expand diplomacy and increase the reputation of the federal state.
  • Improve economic activities and create more job opportunities.
  • Strengthen international cooperation and enter the world trend.
  • Strengthen media entertainment capabilities.
  • Strengthen national defense efforts and establish more autonomous volunteer forces.
  • Launched to protect the Earth Movement, decrease carbon emissions and garbage recycling, and set up more nature reserves and plant replanting.
  • Increase and strengthen micronational exchanges.

Intergovernmental organisations

Conzorica was formerly a member of various micronational organisations, including the organisations.Now Conzorica wasn't join any micronational organisations.


Organization Date Notes
United Micronations 2018
  • Conzorica has applied to join United Micronations.
Organization of United Micronations 16 September 2015 - January 2019
  • Conzorica claims portion of the Ipoh and other area
  • Conzorica is an unactive member of the organisation (Since 2014)
  • Started international diploma relationship since 21 April 2015
  • 2016 ,Conzorica wasn't the member of The United Micronations but was a observer state ,the diplomat claimed the previous declaration of the United Micronations member state is only a mistake.
  • The Conzorica federal government has unilaterally declared that it is no longer an observer of the Organization of United Micronations.
Movement of Non-Aligned Micronations 22 November 2015
  • After the Belia and Hashima conflict,Conzorica joined Non-Aligned Movement
  • Conzorica is a non-member obsever state of Movement of Non-Aligned Micronations
  • 2016, Conzorica temporarily withdrawn from The MNAM , the reason for the temporary withdrawal is to plan a coalition with a country .The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Conzorica diplomat said does not mean a complete exit from the MNAM .

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