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Request of Conzorica

If English essay is no good PLEASE forgive us. So we should opening to user help correcting all of the essay in Conzorica page,we have permit user use wikipedia's standard.If you zealous help us ,we will very thankful to you.

Sir, no offense, but it's your responsibility to ensure your texts are comprehensible and grammatically correct. If you know your English is not good, you should have used Sandbox and corrected your mistakes there before submitting an article. --Yaroslav (talk) 17:09, 1 December 2015 (UTC)
OK,give us a few or more time to grammatically correct in our text.---Conzorican User, 6 December 2015

We will have give you a warrant to correcting our page, no any obstructive can block to you.Did you agree ? ---Conzorican User, 7 December 2015

Conzorica's Warnings

  • 1.Don't try VANDALISM on our Conzorica page no matter any users !
  • 2.Don't use our IP address to use in Vandalism operation !
  • 3.Don't Framed us got temporary block when who got infinite block used our IP address !
  • 4.Don't making any provocative active with Conzorica such as Cyber-attack and warlike !
  • 5.Don't operating TERROR ATTACK on Microwiki include our Conzorica page !
  • 6.Conzorica page is also one of territory on website, Inviolable our territory !!!!
  • 7.If you(Vandalist) damage our page too serious even full page missing ,Emperior Jonathan I will be give you(Vandalist) an account's temporary until INFINITE block !!!!!!

Let me give you some personal tips on this. This is totally unnecessary, and the caps and exclamation marks show common signs of yelling and it is frankly rude and again unnecessary. And if you need help with your wiki page, ask a microwiki/forum user I'm sure they can give you great advice. Just my two-cents... --DRCC (talk) 23:06, 15 December 2015 (UTC)

Change name request

The name of Liberalist's Federal Republic of Conzorica is outdated and asks how to change the current title name to Federal Republics of Conzorica. ----- 08:30(UTC), 22 September 2018