Imperial League of Micronations

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Imperial League of Micronations
Headquarters: Online
Official Language: English
Membership: 6 member states
Establishment: 29 May2010
Website: Forum
General Commander: Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot

The Imperial League of Micronations is a military, political and technical alliance founded by Maharawal Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot of the Kingdom of Rajputistan on the 29 May 2010. Harshvardhan is the current General Commander of the League after being elected during the June 2010 Election.


Following the formation of the Kingdom of Rajputistan in February 2010, the micronation began to search for allies. In order to unite micronations with similar interests, Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot created the Imperial League of Micronations.

June 2010 Election

The General Elections for the General Commander began on June 7, 2010 and ended on June 11. Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot of Rajputistan won the election with three votes, followed closely by Aldrich Lucas of Yabloko with two votes. Parker I of Republic of Secundomia received one vote while James Lancaster of the Yttian Federation had no votes.


After threats of war against Nemkhavia and Sandus, some ILM members decided to leave the organization. These included Yabloko, Secundomia, and the Yttian Federation. This left the ILM with only 5 members.


The General Commander has set out a few requirements for membership and they are as follows:

1. Only one member per nation is allowed.
2. If a member nation is waging war on another nation, then the Imperial League of Micronations will likewise declare war on that 'other' nation if a resolution to that purpose is passed.
3. All member nations are formal allies.
4. The Imperial League of Micronations is open to all micronations.

In order to become a member nation of the ILM, micronations must register for an account at

Member nations

The current member nations of the Imperial League of Nations are:

1. Kingdom of Rajputistan

2. Republic of New Germany

3. Midget Nation-in-Exile

4. People's reformed States Republic

5. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union)

6. Holy Salanian Empire