People's reformed States Republic

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People's reformed States Republic
Coat of arms
Motto: "Never, never, never give up!"

California, United States
CapitalGeorgetown People's reformed Government District
Largest citySan Jose
Official languagesAmerican English, Prsänëan Ënglic
GovernmentLuxembourgian Communist Direct Democratic Federal Republican Benevolent Dictatorship
James Wilary
• Premier
LegislatureMinisters and the People's reformed Parliament
EstablishmentMay 1st, 2009 as the RrSA, June 1st, 2010 Reformed into the PrSR
• Census
3 Active, 3 Semi-Active
CurrencyThe People's reformed Currency
Time zone([1])
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Royal reformed States of America
Prsänëa People's Republic (A1)
This nation was a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations and the Aegis Alliance

The People's reformed States Republic was founded originally as a monarchy on May 1, 2009 as the Royal reformed States of America and was reformed into a socialist state on June 1, 2010. The PrSR (as it was commonly abbreviated) ran on a system based off of A1ism and was one of two nations who ever have, the other being the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1. The head of state of the people's republic was the Chancellor, and the only one in the PrSR's history was His Excellency James Wilary.


The name of the People's reformed States Republic was different then most names of nations in that there was no unique or special name for the country (as in "A1" for the Federated Republics of A1 and "Zonian" for the Zonian Confederacy). It was made up entirely of purely descriptive terms. The main reason is that when the original Royal reformed States of America was founded, a reasonable name for the nation could not be found so it was just decided to leave out a specific name.


The demonym of Prsanean comes from the abbreviation of PrSR as seen in the first three letters: Prsanean, PrSR. The fourth letter "a" was carried over from "Rsainian" when it stood for "America". The rest of the PrSR demonym was also carried over from "Rsainian", which had been decided to be the best ending and carries no specific meaning. The spelling of "ainian" at the end of "Rsainian" and "anean" at the end of "Prsanean" have the same sounds, the latter version being the English form of "Prsanean", what it actually is in Prsänëan "Prsanean" is pronounced as "per-san-ean" and it was a common annoyance for it to be pronounced the same as "Persian", which is incorrect.



The Royal reformed States of America, the predecessor of the People's reformed States Republic, was founded on May 1, 2009 the platform (which is still in place today) of being a protest against the United States of America and the activities of the US Government. Although, besides the existence and purpose of the PrSR, to date, no anti-US policy has been in place in the people's republic and the Constitution of the People's reformed States Republic admits the authority of the USA over the PrSR "for better or for worse".

Begining Period

For the begining of the RrSA, there was much activity. Mostly, this was to create the new nation and to get it up on its feet. A lot of this included countless forgotten royal decrees ordering the creation of buildings, the annexation of land and the creation of laws. This period is most famous for being when the origional Rights of People was created for the RrSA, which is now undergoing a revision to improve its quality. The document is one of fifteen documents to survive from the monarchy and is considered the model of freedom and equality. The entire beginning period lasted about three to four months and ended in around mid August 2009.

Inactive Period

From the end of the Beginning Period to the start of the Restoration in early February 2010, the Royak reformed States Republic fell into a state of inactivity. This was from a lack of both intrest and things to do as most of the government had been designed and most anything to be decreed had already been decreed. The only recorded project is the slow and still incomplete construction of what is now the Sparkle Memorial Capital Building in Georgetown. The idea of the nation had almost been abandoned before January 2010.


By early 2010, a period of available time came in which James Wilary, then King Wilary the First, decided it would be a good idea to restart the project of the RrSA. This involved mainly the recuitment of the old citizens of the monarchy and the restoration of the government structure. During this time, it was decided to expand the horizions of the RrSA and many of the projects for the rest of the monarchy's existence were come up with. Mainly was the idea to have the RrSA enter into foreign affairs, a major move that caused the most major changes and the end of the monarchy.

Growth Period


A1 Annexation

On November 7, 2010, it was decided that the People's reformed States Republic be entered into the Federated Republics of A1 as one of its republics. The decision was made because the PrSR lacked much activity and needed to go in a different route. The People's reformed States Repuic officially was adopted into the FRA1 as the Prsänëa People's Republic at 00:1 November 9, 2010.

Foreign relations

Organization Membership


The only media of the People reformed States Republic was the People's reformed News. Run and edited by James Wilary, it primarily focused on international or important national events as a purely internal orientated news system would be useless for there are only seven citizens. It was published at and article publication was erratic and subject to time factors.

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