People's reformed Party

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People's reformed Party
Party namePeople's reformed Party
MicronationPeople's reformed States Republic
LeaderJames Wilary
EstablishedMay 23, 2010
IdeologyFederalism and A1ism
Political positionEquality and Personal Freedom
ColoursRed and Yellow
AnthemRide of the Valkyries

The People's reformed Party (PrP) is a political party in the People's reformed States Republic. It is was the party of which caused the reform of the Royal reformed States of America into the PrSR.

Political Ideology

The People's reformed Party has its main ideology based on A1ism. The PrP is currently the only party outside of the Federated Republics of A1 to follow this ideology. The other part of the party's ideology is its federalism belief. The PrP supports lower level government with some independent control of their land.

The Government Reform Plan

The People's reformed Party created a large government refrom plan. It involved changing the government's type from a "Federal Constitutional Monarchy" to a "Socialist Direct Democratic Federal Republic". It involved many government ideas from the MGPR of A1 with changes. These were mainly in the judicial section, the department section, the sub-divison section and some in the democratic section. It also brought over some of the parts of the RrSA, and there were a lot of name changes. One part of this was be to change the Royal reformed States of America'a name to the "People's reformed States of Republic" (PrSR). Also, some of the PrP's symbols became the new symbols of the PrSR.

King Wilary I's Response

His Excellency King Wilary the First had responded to the People's reform Party with a "neutral" opinion. He thought that "the idea was great, but the practicality was currently lacking". The main problem was being "how to have elections with four people". In the end, the idea was supported by King Wilary and he is now the leader and main person of the Socialist PrSR.

People's reformed States Republic
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