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Chancellor (PrSR)

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of the PrSR
Incumbent James Wilary
Since June 1, 2010
Style His Excellency
Inaugural Holder James Wilary
Formation Constitution of the People's reformed States Republic, Article I

The Chancellor of the People's reformed States Republic is the head of state and common law maker of the PrSR. The Chancellor generally can be considered a constitutional dictator and most laws are made directly by him. The current Chancellor is James Wilary.


The Chancellor is elected to a six month term and can be reelected to nonconsecutive terms. There is no cap on the number of terms that may be served. The Chancellor is elected twice a year, in October and April of every year. In the case of the loss of the Chancellor, the Prime Minister is appointed to the position.

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People's reformed States Republic
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Administrative Divisions of the PrSR

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