Prosia of Angador

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Prosia of Angador
Motto: Motto: United we Stand, Divided we Fall
Anthem: We Will Rock You by Queen
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentProsian Republic
• Current leader
James I
• Foundation
Jan. 26, 2008
• Dissolution
Apr. 15, 2011
Membership~9,000 non-active residents


Coat of Arms of Angador
Coat of Arms of Angador

The Prosia of Angador, also known as Angador, was a micronation located in the state of Kentucky, the United States of America. The Prosia of Angador is an Prosian Republic, where the power is invested in the High King of Angador and two Consuls. It is made up of 7 territories and the capitol is Luinnar. The Prosia of Angador under the power of James I relinquished all claims of the nation of Angador on April 15, 2011.


High King of Angador

The High King has full control over the entire nation. Even with this power the subjects still enjoy many freedoms such as freedom of the press, privacy, and movement. The High king is also the Archbishop of the Faith, Commander-in-Chief, Lord of the House, and Chief Justice of the Court. The title of High King is not directly hereditary because the High King can choose who they want their successor to be, which they receive the title of Crown Prince of the Blood (has to be blood related to gain this title), but if they never pick anyone to take their place a line of succession has been supplied by the government. The consort of the High King takes the title of Princess-Consort of Angador. The High King can decide to make their consort a joint ruler, then they would take the title of High Queen of Angador, where both of them share the powers. The High King is also the King of Corcu Loígde, due to the family from being from there historically.

List of High Kings

  1. James I (1/26/08-4/15/11)


The army had 10 members. The navy had 5 commissioned ships and were styled Angador's Ship (AS). The airforce had 4 commissioned aircraft.

The commissioned ships were:

  • AS Caesar (Maximus Class)
  • AS Stuart (Maximus Class)
  • AS Thunderchild (Jones Class)
  • AS Beagle (Jones Class)
  • AS Nautilus (Verne Class)

The commissioned aircrafts were:

  • Hermes I (High King Class)
  • Mercury I (Arrow Class)
  • Turms I (Arrow Class)
  • Thor I (Arrow Class)
  • Griffin (Capricorn Class)

Army and Airforce Ranks(highest was one and lowest was 11):

  1. Commander-in-Chief
  2. General(Army)/Marshal(Air Force)
  3. Lieutenant
  4. Commander
  5. Sergeant
  6. Major
  7. Corporal
  8. Brigadier
  9. Colonel
  10. Private
  11. Ensign

Navy Ranks(highest is one and lowest is nine):

  1. Commander-in-Chief
  2. Admiral
  3. Commodore
  4. Captain
  5. Sergeant
  6. Corporal
  7. Guard
  8. Private
  9. Ensign


The Capitol- Luinnar

The capitol is Luinnar which is broken into seven different regions:

  • Principality of Luinnar (This is where the main residence of the High King is at.)
  • Barony of Thinsereg
  • Grand Duchy of Mornen
  • Archduchy of Kheleklad
  • Duchy of Gilgond
  • Viceroyalty of Gwathiath
  • County of Narroch


The commonwealths make-up the entire nation of Angador. They are all headed by the High King, until the High King's children inherent it from the High King. They are listed by the number of the children are born. Here they are with their capitals in parentheses:

  • Nicholas (Carlisle)
  • Union (Moorefield)
  • Carnico (Ellisville)
  • Kincart (Headquarters)
  • Blue Licks (Blue Licks Springs)
  • Robertson (Piqua)
  • Deming (Mt. Olivet)

Granted Territories

On Feb. 11, 2010, James I was granted the title of Duke of Samphrey by People's Proper Republic of Wellington. It is located in the Shetland Islands, Scotland.

On March 24, 2010, James I was granted the title of Baron of Roulais by Flandrensis. It is located on Maher Island in Antarctica.

On June 6, 2010, James I was granted the Duke of Snow Hill by Flandrensis. On November 26, 2010 James I broke up the Duchy into 3 separate baronies. The three baronies are the Baron of Snow Orange ( the upper one third of the island), the Baron of Snow Sun (the middle third of the island), and the Baron of Snow Mill (the bottom third of the island). The Baron of Snow Orange is who ever is the Grand Duke of Flandrensis, the Baron of Snow Sun is who ever is the High King of Angador, and the Baron of Snow Mill is Sir Jason, Knight in the Order of Flandrensis and his descendants.

Diplomatic Relations

The Prosia recognizes all members of the UN except:

  • Belarus
  • People's Republic of China
  • Cuba
  • Haiti
  • North Korea
  • Laos
  • Libya
  • Venezuela

The following nations that are not members of the UN that are recognized by the Prosia:

  • Republic of China
  • Kosovo
  • Vatican City

The following micronations have diplomatic relations with the Prosia of Angador:

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