People's Proper Republic of Wellington

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The People's Proper Republic of Wellington
Wellington flag.png

Live, Love and Prosper
Location: Queen Elizabeth Islands, Arctic
Official language(s)Wellingtonian English
GovernmentProperocratic Republic
- Head of GovernmentLord Prime Minister Sir David Hammond
- Head of StateCouncil of the Joint Leaders
- Head of ParliamentLord President Sir William Scott
LegislatureThe Parliament of Wellington
- Type - Unicameral
EstablishedOctober 31st, 2009
Area claimed419,061km²
Population377 Residents; Undisclosed Number of Citizens
National drinkMilk
National animalAmerican Pit Bull Terrier
Patron saintSaint George


Wellington is a North American micronation currently undergoing reforms. It's Prime Minister is Sir David Hammond, it's President Sir William Scott, and it's Chief Justice Sir T. Franklin Smart.

2011 Reform Plan

The reform plan, published on and quoted directly from the OAM Forums, applies the following changes:

  • Wellington will cease to be a constitutional monarchy. Our government will reform under an entirely different system, the details of which will be released at a later date.
  • All of our Shetland Islands claims will be dropped, with the exception of the island of Samphrey, which, along with it's associated title, will be ceded to Angador, who's King, James I of Angador, was awarded the title Duke of Samphrey some time ago.
  • All noble titles awarded by Wellington will be rescinded, save for the house titles - i.e. the title given to the head of a house - as well as Knightships and Baronetcies, as they are all no longer considered noble titles, but rather titles of honour.
  • All state holidays will remain. The King's Day will be renamed to The Founder's Day, the Elections Day may be changed.
  • All Wellingtonian citizenships (except my own) will be rescinded, pending reactivation. Also, Wellingtonian citizenship will now be officially open to the public, and encouraged as well.
  • The following current and unpublished documents will be rewritten to serve the new and improved way in which Wellington will function: the Wellingtonian Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Charter of Honour, Charter of Awards, and Charter of Letters Patent.
  • I, Ryan St. George, will be granted the temporary position of "Manager of Wellington" pending the completion of the reforms.
  • A new website will finally be created (and it's about time - I'm working on it now).

All but the third-last point have been fulfilled, and thus the reforms are nearly complete.


Wellington's form of government, Properocracy, is a system based on representative democracy, infused with a taste of direct democracy, that follows Properism, an ideology which advocates a (primarily socialistic) mixed economy, liberalism and libertarianism. Taking this into account, the Wellingtonian government is truly one of the people, by the people and for the people.

Foreign Affairs

Wellington is a relatively neutral nation, which as a nation, tries to stay out of most micronational conflicts (especially those regarding the internal politics of another nation), and also will not declare or go to war with any nation, except under special circumstances, like for instance if a direct threat has been made to the integrity of the Wellingtonian government. Foreign Affairs are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is currently headed by Sir Ryan St. George.

Wellington's diplomatic relations are usually conducted on the OAM and MicroWiki forums, but this does not mean that Wellington will not conduct diplomatic relations with a nation that does not belong to the OAM and/or the MicroWiki, it just normally doesn't. Wellington considers all OAM member nations and their peoples to be allies and friends of Wellington, regardless of the religion/belief system, government, government system or territorial claims (providing said claims do not infringe on Wellington's claims), and will gladly become an ally and/or friend of any non-member nation as well, unless there is a very good reason why they should not ally or befriend the nation in question. Wellington recognizes most macro and micronations, and their claims, with only a few exceptions. North Korea, for example, is not recognized by Wellington.

OAM Voluntary Treaty

On behalf of himself and the rest of Wellington, Ryan St. George, the then President and First Chancellor of Wellington under the old system, signed the OAM Voluntary Treaty, and thus Wellington recognizes all of the signatory nations, namely the:

  • Federated Republics of A1
  • United States of Alba (believed to be inactive)
  • People's Republic of Danesland
  • Antarctic Community of Landashir
  • Principality of Optima
  • Republic of Secundomia
  • People's reformed States Republic (now part of the FRA1)
  • Students' Isocratic Oligarchy of Yabloko
  • Kingdom of Zealandia

Internal Affairs

Wellington has a Cabinet, a Parliament, a Supreme Court and a Council of Joint Leaders.


The Cabinet is the executive branch of the Wellingtonian government, i.e. the administratration. It encompasses many different ministries, each headed by a single minister. The ministers, each representing their various ministries, along with the Prime Minister (who leads the Cabinet and is thus the Wellingtonian Head of Government) make up the Members of the Cabinet, and are thus entitled to use the post-nominal title MC.


The Parliament is the legislative branch of the Wellingtonian government. It consists of four members of parliament (based on the number of citizens/residents), not including the President, who presides over the Parliament.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the judicial branch of the Wellingtonian government. It is spearheaded by the Chief Justice, and is made up of a panel of the Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices, who are nominated by the Council of the Joint Leaders and confirmed by the Parliament.

Council of the Joint Leaders

The Council of the Joint Leaders is a council made up of the leaders of each of the branches of the Wellingtonian government which acts as the Head of State. The leaders are: The President (currently Bill Scott), representing the Parliament (the legislative branch); the Prime Minister (currently David Hammond), representing the Cabinet (the executive branch); and the Chief Justice (currently Frank Smart), representing the Supreme Court (the judicial branch).


Ryan St. George

Sir Ryan James William St. George is a Properist. He is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Education for Wellington and was the first Prime Minister of Wellington under the new system. He is also the Secretary of the OAM Transport Agency. Sir Ryan previously served as the President and First Chancellor of Wellington under the old system, and as the Chancellor of Diplomatic Relations for Wellington.

John Stone

Sir John Alexander Innes Stone is a Properist. He is the Minister of Firearms for Wellington and previously served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and also as the Second Chancellor of Wellington under the old system.

Eric Thompson

Eric Donald Thompson is a Properist. He was the first President of Wellington under the new system. Unlike both Sir Ryan St. George and Sir John Stone, he does not serve and has not served as a Minister, and was not a member of the old Wellingtonian government. Sir Eric announced that he would not seek to be re-elected as President of Wellington and threw his support behind Sir William Scott, who was elected president in the March 2011 Wellingtonian Elections. On March 19, 2011, a day after Sir William took office, Mr. Thompson gave up his Wellingtonian citizenship and along with it all associated honours (including his baronetcy). No reasons were given.

Lawrence Gould

Sir Lawrence Montague "Larry" Gould is a Capitalist. He is known to tolerate Fascism and other extreme right-wing ideologies, thus it is no surprise that he was not re-elected to the January 2011 government, however he was in fact elected to the March 2011 government as the Minister of Revenue, simply because no one else would take it. He previously served as the Chancellor of Finances and also as the Chancellor of Entertainment under the old system. He ran against Bill Scott in the March 2011 Wellingtonian Elections and failed miserably.

William Scott

Sir William Stephen "Bill" Scott is a Social Anarchist. He is the President of Wellington and also the Minister of Entertainment.

T. Franklin Smart

Sir Tiberius 'Franklin' (Frank) Smart is a Properist. He is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Wellington.

David Hammond

Sir David Hammond is a Properist. He is the Prime Minister of Wellington and was the former Minister of Education.


Wellington is comprised of the Queen Elizabeth Islands - 2,126 islands located in the Arctic, totaling 419,061 km. sq.

Map of Wellington

Wellington map.png