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Maher Island (Micronation) Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and Westarctica

Location of Maher Island

Location: Antarctica
Coordinates 72°58′S 126°22′W
Leader: Under Flandrensis: Count Michel of Maher, Prince of Beauluna
Micronation: Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and Westarctica

Maher Island is one of the five Antarctic islands claimed by the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and one of many more such islands claimed by Westarctica. It is located on 72°58′S 126°22′W. Unlike Siple Island and Carney Island this island was to small to divide in several Flandrensian counties; Westarctica has not yet assigned the island a separate political status, and it continues to be administered by the Grand Duke of Westarctica.


The island was originally though not specifically claimed by micronationalist leader Travis McHenry in his claimant letter of 2001. It was subsequently also claimed by the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis on 5 December 2009 as the "County of Maher". The two micronations subsequently engaged in a territorial conflict over this and several other Antarctic islands known as the Siple War which had an inconclusive outcome— as of 2019, both nations claim the island as a territorial possession.


On July 25, 2010 the Grand Duke of Flandrensis appointed Prince Michel of Beauluna as Count of Maher. Count Michel is the founder of the Principality of Beauluna and had a great influence on the foundation of Flandrensis. Together with the noble title he also accepted the honorary citizenship of Flandrensis. Westarctica has not assigned the island a political leader, and the Grand Duke retains personal control over it.

Baronies of Maher

  • Zeehondenbaai
  • Goudburg
  • Roulais



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