Kingdom of Savoy

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Kingdom of Savoy
Savoie flag.png Blason duche fr Savoie.png
Flag Coat of arms

National Anthem:
Not Decided
Fides Est Regni Tutela ( Faith is the protector of [our] Kingdom )
Kingdom of Savoy.png
Claimed Areas

Capital Chambéry

Official languages French

Demonym Savoyard

Government Constitutional Monarchy
King Louis I
Prime Minister Arthur Facheux

Legislature Senate of Savoy
Seats 10(Senate)

– Established as a micronation 12 December 2009

– Citizens 29

Currency Savoie Franc

Time zone UTC+1

Country code SOV (proposed)

Internet TDL .sov(proposed)

Drives on the Right (proposed)

Date formats Gregorian calendar


Savoy (French: Savoie), officialy the Kingdom of Savoy (Royaume de Savoie), is a micronation in Europe, bordered by France to the west and the south, by Italy to the east and Switzerland to the north. It's Capital is Chambéry. It is the successor of the County of Savoy, which became the Duchy of Savoy, Kingdom of Sardinia and then, Kingdom of Italy.


The Kingdom of Savoy is a very young micronation, formed on December 12th 2009 by the self-proclaimed king, Louis I to restore the once powerfull Duchy of Savoy, which gave their territories to France, while unifying Italy.



Kingdom of Savoy is a constitutional monarchy, with the old European tradition. The king directs the executive branch of government, as would do a president in a republic, but has some particularities in the distribution of powers. The Sovayards Citizens elects both Prime Ministers and Senate representatives. The Legislative branch of government is made from Senate where senators vote laws and propose them. Alongside with the Prime Minister, the Senate controls the ministers, chosen by the King.


Savoy is divided in 7 counties, which have a certain level of autonomy. They all have their own Senate which votes local laws but is controled by the national Senate. The leader of a County is the Count. Counts form the house of Counts in the national government.

County Number Capital
Central 01 Alberville
de la Capitale 02 Chambéry
du sud 03 Saint Jean
du Lac 04 Annecy
de Mont-Blanc 05 Bonneville
du Genevois 06 Saint Julien
de la Côte 07 Thonon

Intermicronational Relations

As of 12th December, no relations were made with any other micronation.


The Kingdom of Savoy claims an area of total 10416 km², but have the executive power for over 40m². See Savoie