Republic of Jibbon

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Republic of Jibbon
Viceroy's March
Official language(s) English
Capital Bundeena
Date founded 2009
Number of citizens 43
Number of active citizens 37
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader President
National animal Undefined


The Nation was founded in late 2009 by the Federal Union of Prometheus after capturing a small micronation based in Bundeena, NSW. They were desperate for independence so were allowed to be a separate country but still following the same guidelines like the Kingdom of Transit.

When created they declared their leader as the President answering the senate of eight (Formally six) Senators from each state. After a bill is passed through both offices it is sent to the Viceroy, or Earl of Jibbon as s/he is officially known there to sign.


The main Industry in the country revolves around tourism, during the summer months the numerous beaches are packed with tourists who shop in the numerous facilities in Bundeena several which are ran by citizens.



Jibbon employs a small police force of eight men for general security and patrols, they are all issued with Blank firing guns when on duty and have authority over any citizen of the Union or an allied state within the national park. They currently own two vehicles used by the police a small Suzuki 4x4 and a old Commodore along with several push bikes which are used by the lower staff.

The Jibbon Secret Service (JSS) consists of an unknown number of men and women who protect the president and the senate, along with any important visitors. For security reasons not much is known about them although it is believed that they own an old black BMW which has been seen with the Presidential car.

Symbols and Flags

The national flag has three horizontal stripes, a light blue one on top, a white one in the middle and a navy one at the bottom. These colours represent the sea which is a key part of Jibbon. Other symbols used follow this colour pattern or that of the Royal National Park.