Reisenterrian Empire

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Reisenterrian Empire
Official language(s) English
Capital -
Date founded 5 Jan 2010
Number of citizens 5
Number of active citizens 5
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader Emperor Marco I
National animal -

Reisenterr was founded on the 5th of January 2010, as an independent sovereign state. Our territorial claims are very small, with two government offices, one in the North East of England, and the other in the Midlands. We also lay claim to a field in Worcestershire, where the raising of the Reisenterrian flag was met with no opposition.

The name 'Resienterr' is a corrupted portmanteau of the German word for 'travelling' (reisen) and the Italian for 'land' (terra). The name of the nation represents the fact that we are an empire without any significant territory. It is the ultimate goal of the empire to acquire land and gain major recognition as a sovereign state. Reisenterr's head of state is Emperor Marco I. The Emperor rules by proclamation, and there is currently no fixed constitution. His Excellency, Supreme Chancellor Kudryl is the second-in-command of the empire, and has the duty of relaying the views of the citizens to the Emperor. Both the Emperor and the Supreme Chancellor are committed to building a government that will allow the empire to stay in touch with its citizens, and build a better nation.

Despite being an 'empire', we have no intention of seeking a policy of aggressive expansionism. We are a peaceful nation, and are always open to friendly relations with other sovereign states.


The Emperor

Resienterr is ruled by Emperor Marco I. The empire has no fixed constitution, so the nation is governed by a series of proclamations and decrees from the Emperor. It is the duty of the Emperor to maintain the welfare of the Empire and its citizens. The Emperor also heads two departments within the empire, which are listed below. Department of Cultural DevelopmentDepartment of Reisenterrian philanthropy

The Supreme Chancellor

The Emperor is assisted in his tasks by His Excellency, Supreme Chancellor Kudryl. The Supreme Chancellor serves Reisenterr by remaining aware of the views of our citizens, and informing the Emperor. When representitives are chosen, it will be the Supreme Chancellor who heads the Advisory Council. His Excellency also holds the position of head of the Reisenterrian Department of Micronational awareness. In this position, he will serve the empire by spreading the knowledge of our existence. The Advisory Council The Advisory Council is a collective of several ministers, appointed by the emperor, who have the duty of monitoring an aspect of the empire, and advising the Emperor on an appropriate course of action to deal with any issues. At present, there are no ministers appointed, but the structure will be as follows. His Excellency, Supreme Chancellor Kudryl Foreign Affairs Minister Rebecca Minister of home affairs Minister of lawMinister of sport

Foreign Affairs

The Empire has made contact with the following micronations.