Sovereign Republic of the Three Colonies

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Sovereign Republic of the Three Colonies
Soverign Republic of the three colonies flag.jpg SRoTC COA.jpg
Motto: Magnus Maior Maximus
Anthem: Canon in D
Official language English
Capital Oxfordshirechester
Date founded January 11, 2009 (Confederation)
Number of citizens 14
Permanent Population 4
Number of Government Officials 6
Currency Goldiads (₲)
Government Constitutional Republic
Current leader James Foster
National animal Unicorn
National fruit/food Bacon

Sovereign Republic of the Three Colonies

The Sovereign Republic of the Three Colonies is a Micronation claiming land off of Australia, in the eastern reaches of the Coral Sea. Although this land is off of Australia, it is not within the 12 Nautical Mile limit. Technically, the land is part of Oceana. The nation was formed in July 2008, and the Constitution came into effect on January 11, 2009. Although the nation is rather new, and has the Unicorn as the national symbol, it is a serious nation.


On July 1, 2008, James Foster, a Canadian, was celebrating Canada day. He decided that he should create a new country. He decided that he would create this new country to be a noble nation, where no teenagers would shoot fireworks horizontally and be really loud. Later that month, he told a few more people about his idea, and on July 15 He decided to make this idea a reality. For the remainder of the year meetings were held and the constitution was written. The flag was created, and the currency, as well as the rest of the fundamentals.

On December 10, 2008, Matthew Marchese signed the Constitution, the next day, Brayden Cocomello and James Foster Signed the Constitution. The document stated that it would come into effect one month after the signing, just in case anything was wrong, and it would give enough time to hold a General election. with only one candidate running, the election was a blowout. James Foster did become the Incumbent President, already being the Sovereign King (A position to be abolished in 2015). On January 7, 2009, after James Foster won Presidency, he formed the first Political Party, The Colonial Party.

In December 2009, an ammendment to the Constitution was signed, where the King position would not be abolished in 2015, and the House of Foster was established as the royal family. Also, on the same day, the currency switched from Dollerads, which mean nothing, to Goldiads, based on gold.


The Sovereign Republic of the Three Colonies consists of 3 small islands in Coral Sea, East of Australia. Nobody has visited these islands as of January 4, 2010, but there have been 6 people in the National Embassy, in Canada. he first Physical Flag will be hung outside of this embassy. A small land has been claimed in northern Faroe Islands, creating a permanent populaion of four.

Currenty, government is run out of the National Embassy, although the plans for permanent parliament buildings on the island are being planned.


  • Sovereign King - James Foster
  • President - Ben Foster
  • Opposition Leader- Timothy Wong
  • The House of Commons