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Barony of Behemoth
VlagVanBehemoth.png Behemoth.png
Motto: For the King and the Senate
Anthem: Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis
Type of entity: Barony, state
Location: Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
Area: 150m²
Citizens: 4
Status: Barony of Wyvern
Form of State Barony
Date of foundation: December 20, 2009
Head of State: King Quentin I of Wyvern
Head of Government: Ossie of Behemoth
Language: English and Dutch
Currency: Kans (de jure) Euro (de facto)
National sport Soccer

The Barony of Behemoth is a state of the Kingdom of Wyvern. Ossie of Behemoth was the founder of the Barony and is its current governor. Two government officials live there: Ossie of Behemoth and his brother D. of Behemoth.


Ossie of Behemoth is a member of the Wyvernian senate. He is the official leader of the state. Behemoth is a state of Wyvern, meaning that, although the Wyvern Government is officially in charge, the governor, in this case Baron Ossie of Behemoth, has near absolute power over the Barony. No special actions have been taken by the Baron of Behemoth, which is usual for states of Wyvern.