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Atshnai ra Zya-Vulturia
Anthem: Elysium (by Scott Brown)
Casper, Wyoming
CapitalBaker Territory
Official languagesEnglish, Japanese and Enlalian
GovernmentUnited Territorial Republics
• Head of Government
Christian Baker
Drew Jaussaud Spencer T. Rhodes
EstablishmentSeptember 13, 2009
• Census

Zya-Vulturia is a micronation in Casper, Wyoming. It consists of 4 yards that are considered its "territories". The 4 territories are The Jaussaud, Jaussaud II, Rhodes, and Baker Territories. The names of the territories correspond to the last names of their leaders.

The main languages of Zya-Vulturia are Zya-Vulturian English, Japanese , and Enlalian.


The word 'zya' was first made as a code word for "douche", and was used to insult and refer to people that were jaggofs, a**es, or just plain mean. Over time, the word 'zya' became a cherished linguistic unit, meaning any word imaginable, all depending on the context.


'Vulturia' was the name of a micronation before an agreement was made between a group of friends to form their backyards into one unified nation. Vultures are commonplace in many aspects of Zya Vulturian culture, because of a spelling mistake made by the founder of Zya-Vulturia on a school paper about Edgar Allen Poe's The Telltale Heart. The poem mentions an old man's 'vulture eye' and how it seriously scared the main character.

Christian Baker was the writer of the essay. When he was writing the phrase 'vulture eye', his pen slipped when writing the 'y' in eye, thus rendering it to "vulture exe"; '.exe' is a file extension used on the Windows Operating System.


The Zya-Vulturian Army doesn't use weapons in offensive operations and campaigns, but instead uses peaceful protests and negotiations. However, in times of danger, the army is a defence force, using weapons such as airsoft guns, swords, and other melee and hand to hand weapons.


The uniforms of Zya-Vulturian soldiers are plain camouflaged jackets with a Zya-Vulturian flag patch and a bandanna worn around the head.


Zya-Vulturian military personnel are encouraged to wear patches with personal value on their uniforms, such as patches of bands or music groups, patches with religious meanings, or just patches that the individual likes. An example of this is the jacket of Baker territory leader and commander of the 1st platoon, Christian Baker. His jacket will have a Tool patch, and an Astral Projection patch.

Air Force

The Expirimental rocket, the Thunderhorse I was tested sometime around May at Grey Rocks Ranch, near Guernsey, WY.

Foreign relations




  • Baker Territory
  • Jaussaud I
  • Jaussaud II
  • Rhodes
  • Bertrand (proposed)
  • Lawson (proposed)


Some of the most popular music in the micronation is Happy hardcore, Psytrance, Goa trance and Industrial. The national colours of Zya-Vulturia are green, white and blue. The national drinks are Puma Cola, Ramune and Yoohoo, while the national pudding is pistachio pudding. Zya-Vulturian Japanese and Xelw'i are spoken in the country.