Zya-Vulturian English

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Zya-Vulturian English

Spoken inZya-Vulturia
Total speakers3

Zya-Vulturian English is an English pidgin spoken in Zya-Vulturia. It has few lexical and grammatical differences from Standard English, mostly based on obscure references, shortenings and contractions. It can also be classified as an Unwinese language (a type of Jokelang) and a simple relex of English.


The suffix -s is randomly added to the end of words, and words are often jumbled or scrambled (I have music dyslexia-> Is haves musix dislexkia) (Like Skwissgaar from Metalocalypse)

Words with an ə (done) or ɪ (bit) in them, like nugget (nəggɪt), the ə is turned to an ø(r), which is pronounced like the "ur" in the word hurt, or like the "ir" in bird, resulting in words like churkin nurget (chicken nugget)

"-d" at end of words sometimes change to "-e", like how the Jimi Hendrix song Voodoo Child was also spelled Voodoo Chile., However, the -e is pronounced as either "aiʲ(C)", where Chile is pronounced like "Chaiyl", or where Chile would be pronounced like "chili".


Some examples of words in the language are:

Reg.Eng-> Zya-Vultur Eng

  • The-> Teh/ De (usually pronounced as the in speaking, but pronounced Teh or De in writing or reading)
  • F**K YEAH-> Makajam!!!
  • Cool-> Posh
  • Now-> Meow (Like in Super Troopers)
  • Very-> metcha,matcha, hella, way
  • A little bit->skosh (from Japanese sukoshi)
  • Hard to find, rare-> Fantasma
  • Alien-> Mars Baby
  • What is?->Woz (pronounced whoaz) (ex. Woz walnuts?)
  • Don't->Ain't
  • It's-> 'ts
  • Strange->Hen(na) (-na is added to the end when "hen" is combined with a word (e.x. Whoa, look at that henna dude.)
  • To-> e (pronounced eh)
  • Screw all of you!-> Screw you all off (Oh, screw you all off, My codpiece is de cooolest!!)
  • Infinity->27 (27 is the highest number, any number above it is just Hwitchcraft.
  • Gonna->ganna, genna, goin
  • Why-> 'shte? (Contraction of doshite in Japanese)
  • Head->Gulliver
  • Shoot->Scud (e.x. If you ain't stop talkin e me like that, I'm genna scud you in the gulliver!)
  • Gun->Scudpiece, Scuddpiece
  • What->Huh (e.x. Huh you genna do about!)
  • Chili->Chiloppi
  • Peppers->Poppers
  • Child->Chile, Chitlin
  • Yonder->Chyonder (pronounced ch-yonder)
  • This->Chya (e.x. Like this-> Like chya) (pronounced ch-yah)
  • Ask->Axe
  • Much->munch
  • Situation->Zijuation
  • Else->eltse
  • Hentai->Ecchen (ti e ai)
  • Cute->Kawaii (She is metcha kawaii!!)
  • Nauseating/Disgusting->egui
  • Antics->Shenanigans, Tomfoolery, Sassafrass
  • Terrible-> Turrible
  • Music-> ch00n(s),ch00nage
  • Kinda (Kind of)-> kena, kina


A common phrase is "'cause sosa say so?"

It is often tacked onto the end of sentences, usually with a strong emotional intonation, and a Scarface Cuban accent, 'cause Sosa say so?

ne is added to the end of a sentence as a tag question, like ,y'know, or isn't it?

Example Conversation:

Jimmy:Makajams!!! I justs got a metcha fantasma Pokemon cards!!! Y'knows, there's only a skosh ofs them arounds the worlds.It's a Lvl 27 Mars Baby!!! 'ts hella posh, eh man, ne?

Jack: Whats??? 'shte You still plays with Poksimans cards, cause sosa say so??? Wow, hella yaoi, ne?

Jimmy: Screw you all off!!! My card is de coolest!!! Gotta Catchings them all!!!

Jack: WTF???

Writing System

Zya-Vulturian English uses a unique alphabet that utilizes dot diacritics to show phonological morphology, like nasalization and voicing. The dot and dual dot diacritics function similar to the dakuten in the Japanese Kana scripts

Examples of modified characters:





Due to a lack of creativity and energy during its production, rare letters such as z, q, or

Uses of dot diacritics.

x are denoted by two dots.



A chart of the Zya-Vulturian alphabet and its Latin equivalents.