Zya-Vulturian Japanese

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Zya-Vulturian Japanese is a main language spoken in Zya-Vulturia. It is based on Kansai dialect, Sendai dialect, and Hokkaido dialect.


The grammar of Zya-Vulturian Japanese is almost identical to standard Japanese, except verbs are not conjugated, suffices are just added to the end of the verb.

Verb Suffices

There are no specific rules pertaining to what order suffices must be placed in, except what sounds more aestheically pleasing to the speaker.

  • Past I -(i)ta
  • Past II -(i)tten
  • Causative -sase
  • Passive -rare
  • Obligatory I  -beshi
  • Negative I -nai
  • Negative II -hen
  • Volitional -yo(ne)
  • Confirmation -ssho
  • Probable I -raro
  • Probable II -darou
  • Probable III -ssharo (turns copula da into de when added)
  • Polite Imperative -masshi
  • Polite Past  -mashita